How does a video game sound where you attempt to procure an abortion in Texas? Yeah, me too.

In the proposed video game “Choice: Texas” players will choose a character from varying socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds and attempt to navigate the laws in Texas on their way to get an abortion.

Yay! It’s like Zelda. But different.

It’s being developed by a self described poet and a cultural historian. What could possibly go wrong? Listen to their plea for funding as the describe the game and plead for money in that way that poets and cultural historians only can. And by that I mean it’s boring and self righteous.

And they’re very very serious. In fact, they’re so serious that one the fundraising website they use the word “serious” three times in one paragraph. Check it out:

We are billing Choice: Texas as “a very serious game,” and we mean that. While the game is intended to be engaging, the issues it addresses are very serious. Women’s access to reproductive healthcare in Texas is significantly limited, a state of affairs that is especially true for women who are working class or poor, or who live in rural areas. One of the great strengths of games is that they can invite players to explore other people’s experiences; Choice: Texas is such a game, and asks players to seriously consider the plight of Texas women.

So I’m thinking they’re serious.

If you donate ten dollars you receive a postcard from the game designers and two stickers!!!! Seriously.

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