Michael Potemra at the Corner on National Review linked CMR for the vid of Cardinal Dolan on Colbert.

Of the comboxers on that post, Mr. Potemra has this to say.

You can watch the relevant portion of Dolan’s comments here. (If you read what the comboxers there have to say about Dolan — and honestly, why would you want to do that? — be cautioned that the angriest and most hateful voices in any religious or political group are vastly overrepresented in the comboxes of their websites. Any Protestant or atheist or whatever who is tempted to think less of Catholicism because of those sorts of people would do well to remember that Catholicism is not alone in this regard: The comboxes on many Protestant or atheist or whatever websites sully the character of Protestantism/atheism/etc. in a very similar way.

It is empirically true that 95% of commenters on blogs of any sort represent the craziest 1% of the people who may have read it. What did Sir Alec say? “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

That is certainly not to say that all comboxers are crazy, certainly not and CMR probably has more reasonable commenters than most Catholic blogs. But often you have to throw a lot of chaff to find a few grains of wheat.

While CMR has as open a commenting policy as we can reasonably have, we certainly do not endorse many of the, ahem, opinions to be found there.

When the craziest 1% of the craziest 1% actually seem to start to make sense, it is time to stop reading the combox.

Let’s have a combox meltdown over combox meltdowns. That should be enlightening.

*subhead*Wretched hive of scum and villainy.*subhead*