For some reason this will not go down as pro-abortion violence because you know that pro-lifers are the only ones capable of violence. On the heels of the young man who just admitted slipping his girlfriend an abortion pill, another young man was arrested for shooting at his pregnant girlfriend after she refused to procure an abortion.

Hey, wasn’t it supposedly a good thing that so many men were now pro-abortion? I guess not so much in this case though. I guess to be fair, he couldn’t really be called pro-choice. He’s definitely wildly pro-abortion though.

Tanner Hopkins, 23, of Dayton, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on suspicion of felonious assault and weapons charges, according to the Dayton police report.

The 18-year-old victim told police she was driving on Guenther Road when Hopkins pulled up next to her at the Hoover Avenue intersection and fired two shots without saying a word.

The woman was not hurt. Police said the slugs were found lodged in the rear driver’s side door.

God bless this young woman who under threat of death still insists on having the baby.