During the last 6 months, the Catholic media has witnessed a virtual straw-man genocide calling out anyone among the ranks who speaks in assertive tones or questions the prudence of a papal statement.

I have witnessed so many hyphenated theological-sounding pejoratives used to describe well-meaning faithful Catholics who seek only the salvation of souls that I shudder. I have seen my fellow travelers accused by prominent Catholic commentators of being relentlessly critical, refusing to see progress in the Church, of hating the sinner along with the sin, of wanting to bring back a Church that will never be again, and being reflexively against the pope.

It seems to me that we have arrived at the point where mere disagreement on tactics is viewed as akin to treason.

I have been accused of many of these things and it disheartens me more than I can say.

So I wish to clear a few things up. Surely I don’t speak for all the accused, but I think that enough are similar to me to warrant comment.

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