Contestants on NBC’s The Voice sang a…slightly altered version of the gospel hymn ‘Will the Circle Unbroken.’ They left out one little word: “Lord.”

The Twitterverse absolutely lost it last night over this. Even Blake Shelton, a judge on the show, deflected blame on Twitter, saying
“Don’t look at me! I sang it the way I grew up on it.” Here’s the version they sang. If you know the hymn, they just say “Oh” everytime that politically incorrect “Lord” shows up.

Some are saying this is political correctness run amok. But at some point, let’s face it, political correctness is just anti-Christian, right? Could NBC do anymore to proof they’re anti-Christian? You might recall (I think it was two years ago) when NBC removed the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during a produced video that aired during the U.S. Open.