Look, I am so very grateful to all priests. So very grateful.

What do you do when you have a priest in your parish that you simply cannot understand a word he says?

I frequently ask my children what the Gospel and the homily were about. The pop quizzes make them pay attention. Lately, it seems that no matter which mass we go to, we get Fr. Babel.

I asked each of my children today what the Gospel was about. Being the feast of the Epiphany, that should be an easy one. But each one, some with tears in their eyes for fear of being in trouble, told me that they simply cannot understand the priest.

Fr. Babel is foreign born and seems to be a good priest and a good man, but we just can’t understand him.

Myself, I have an ear for accents and can understand just about anyone. But with Fr. Babel, maybe one out of ten words.

Some people question why I sometimes attend the TLM, a mass in a language I don’t really know.

6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

I am grateful for the priest and grateful for the mass. Just venting I guess.

*subhead*Can’t understand a word.*subhead*