I pray that this family changes their minds about this. A Texas judge has ordered a hospital to remove the life support of a brain-dead woman being kept alive because she is pregnant.

Judge RH Wallace gave John Peter Smith Hospital until Monday evening to cease life-saving measures for Marlise Munoz, according to the BBC.

Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant when she suffered from a blood clot in November. Since she went on life support, the family has been pushing for her to be removed from life support.

The hospital said that under state law they couldn’t do it because Texas state law prohibits denying life-saving treatment to pregnant patients. But now a judge just ordered her off life support. The hospital will not appeal. So there seems to be nobody left to fight for this baby who is now reportedly at 22 weeks.

I don’t know whether they plan on attempting to help the unborn child when they remove life support.

Only prayers can help now.

There are reportedly scores of people who have already volunteered to adopt this child.

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