Several statues of the Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus were vandalized at two parishes in New Jersey over this past weekend.

Reportedly, the vandals took the head of the statue of Mary and chopped the Joseph statue in half at Sacred Heart parish in New Jersey. Shortly after that, police discovered that statues at St. Francis of Assisi Church had been desecrated in a similar manner.

Late last year, in September, statues were also vandalized at another parish in New Jersey, St. Mary’s in Malaga.

“This is not just someone randomly in a drunken spree, decided to be, a wise guy. This was something that someone decided they wanted to make some kind of a statement, and what that statement is kind of weird and ugly,” Peter Feuerherd of the Diocese of Camden told CBS Philly.

“It is bad, but all we can do is pray for that person so they can really realize that the way they are going is not right,” Rodriguez said.

You’d think the media would be interested in this story if, say, it happened at a mosque or a synagogue? But it’s just a Catholic Church so not that big of a deal. I guess you can’t commit a hate crime against the people who are always accused of hating.