This is just bonkers. A New York state senator has proposed a bill mandating that parents attend parenting classes or else their children will not be allowed into 7th grade. Seriously.

Fox NY reports:

New York state Sen. Ruben Diaz Jr. introduced a bill that would require parents of elementary school children to attend a minimum of four parent support classes. If parents don’t go, 6th graders won’t move onto 7th grade.

Leslie Venokur, the co-founder of Big City Moms, called the idea “crazy” and “insane.” She said that what is most concerning that the education commissioner and Board of Regents would develop the parenting guidelines. She said the Regents should “stick to what they’re good at which is teaching kids and staying away from the parents.”

The bill states one of the courses would be related to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children.

Employers would be required to provide one day a year of paid leave so working parents can attend classes.

Some parents and non-parents we spoke with think it is a good idea.

Words fail.

Just think about the gobbledygook ridiculousness that would be taught at these “mandatory” parenting classes. And is it possible to fail these classes? What then?

Dangerous days ahead dudes. Dangerous days.

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