One of the things I struggle with is knowing when it is time to give up the fight.

We all know the bad coach. The guy who sees his young players as merely tools to feed his ego.

The kind of coach that tells a 7 yr old kid to not swing so he can walk a run home in a little league game when his team is already up by 8 runs.

The kind of coach benches 6 yr. old girls in a soccer game because he thinks he has a better chance to win without them.

You know that kind of guy.

When is it time to walk away? I am dealing with such a situation.

After you privately address the coach and he rebuffs you?
After you have politely emailed him addressing your concerns only to ridiculed?
After you have raised the issue to the league only to be ignored?
After the coach tells you to leave the team because he is not going to change?

When is ok to give up the fight? You know that the team will be worse for it. You know that the problem will continue.

Is it better to continue on in an attempt to act as some sort of check on this behavior or is better just to walk away thinking other parent’s problems are other parent’s problems?

I hate quitting in the worst way. My inclination is always to stay and fight. My daughter is largely unaware of any drama. Just my wife and I.

How do you know when to stay, even if only as a sign of defiance, or to walk away?

I hate this stuff.

*subhead*I hate this stuff.*subhead*