@RussellCrowe tweeted Pope Francis numerous times yesterday, begging him to watch his new film “Noah.” Begging.

Inshallah, huh?

I love the hubris. I love that Russell Crowe believes himself capable of causing havoc in Pope Francis’ world. Hmmm. Last I checked (which was actually just now) @Pontifex has 3.71 millions followers on Twitter while @RussellCrowe has 1.37 million followers. So I’m sure the pope won’t mind the slight spike of interactions on his twitter feed.

And as if Pope Francis is sitting there hitting refresh on Twitter.

Pope’s likely comment to news of this: “Russell Who?”

Sorry Russell, the pope can’t hear you. He stabbed out his eardrums when he heard you sing in Les Miz. Sorry Russell, the pope will hit “The LEGO movie” and maybe “Ride Along” before he watches your little boat movie.

Maybe when Russell stops tweeting out his defense of abortion while calling circumcision “barbarism,” I’ll for one moment take seriously anything he has to say. To call taking a bit of skin “barbaric” but snipping the spinal cord of a baby in the womb a “choice” just seems a little dumb to me.

I do love the irony of all this. For years, the left has been ridiculing the Catholic Church as irrelevant. But now, when the movie “Noah” seems to be on the brink of being a total bomb who do they call? Yeah.

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