It is, of course, entirely possible that Bishop Olson had to take the severe actions that he did. But the gravity of the action directed at the Extraordinary Form requires, in my estimation, a suitably thorough explanation of why this is the only reasonable remedy and plainly stating the authority for this action as it relates to Summorum Pontificum. These things matter.

By failing to publicly do so, at least in a timely manner, I think that the Bishop may have unnecessarily scandalized those in the Church attached to tradition. More concern should have been shown. Further, I think the Bishop may have opened himself up to criticism that may not be warranted, at least as it relates to the underlying cause for action.

This may be a grave situation where the validity/illicitness of the mass was in question and the Bishop had no choice. But then he should have just said so and avoided all the hubbub. I for one would have welcomed such an approach.

For me, this is not about Fisher More College. If they are off the reservation, then reel ’em back in and/or shut them down. For me, this is about the mass. I pray the Bishop speaks soon.

*subhead*Not about the school, about the mass.*subhead*