Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, granted a vision of a future tumultuous time in the Church said this,

“She (The Holy Mother) said a great many others things that it pains me to relate: she said that if only one priest could offer the bloodless sacrifice as worthily and with the same disposition as the Apostles, he could avert all the disasters (that are to come). To my knowledge the people in the Church did not see the apparition, but they must have been stirred by something supernatural, because as soon as the Holy Virgin had said that they must pray God with outstretched arms , they all raised their arms. These were all good and devout people, and they did not know where help and guidance should be sought. There were no traitors and enemies among them, yet they were afraid of one another. Once can judge thereby what the situation was like.

I feel like this is us now. Good Catholics who love God and their Church view each other with fear.  People who are scared and troubled are treated as the enemy, publicly scolded and ridiculed if they give voice to their hearts.  This leads to more fear, and for many, to stay silent, for they not know where help and guidance should be sought.

I have never seen such division among good and faithful Catholics before.  Its ferociously rapid onset  seems to reek of the desperation of the evil one, as if his time is short.

I fear it may get worse, much worse, before it gets better.  One can judge thereby what the situation is like, can’t one?

Our lent may only be beginning as this era comes to an end.

*subhead*Our lent may only be beginning.*subhead*