Living in an upside-down world (UDW) does take some getting used to.

In UDW, no rights are more vigorously defended than those manufactured from whole cloth during recent memory. This, while rights granted directly from the creator, such as the right to live in UDW are revoked under the flimsiest of pretexts.

In UDW, tolerance is a bug-eyed and vein popping emotion rather than a calm and serene act of reason.

In UDW, not only can you have it both ways, somebody is legally bound to bake a cake for it.

In UDW, any kind of depravity is forgiven even absent repentance as long the culprit holds to fashionable views. But to have ever supported something currently unfashionable, even if in fashion at the time, represents the unforgivable sin.

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*subhead*Some getting used to.*subhead*