Thousands of Chinese Christians are kneeling in and around a Church to prevent the government from demolishing it. Amid concerns about the rise of Christianity, the local Chinese government is enforcing crazy minutiae rules and laws about how high spires can be and other things. But it’s about the cross. It’s always about the cross.

The Blaze reports:

Local officials in the province of Zhejiang embarked on a campaign in February to demolish any church buildings that violated local regulations, according to a government Web site, given their concern that Christianity was growing too fast and in an “unsustainable” manner.

When leaders of Sanjiang Church in Wenzhou refused to remove small spires on the rooftop, officials threatened to tear down the entire building, according to Zheng Leguo, an evangelical church leader from Wenzhou.

A local Christian leader who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation told the Post he’s been staying in the church since Thursday with about 3,000 other Christians — some of whom are from neighboring churches and are helping to guard the building.

“From what they discussed during negotiations, the point isn’t about the illegal construction, but about the cross,” the leader told the Post. “Some top officials believe that there are too many crosses, too many churches, and in every county, they asked for a few crosses to be destroyed, not all of them.”

Keep these folks in your prayers.

While it could be said that truly religious people do not need big government, I think it can also be said that big government will seek to destroy religion.