Comedian Ricky Gervais supports euthanasia. Kind of like what he did to the Muppet franchise. What? Too soon?

The interesting thing about this interview is that Gervais is absolutely right in realizing a very real problem in that society ignores old people.

The Herald reports he said:

Explaining that his mother, sister and three nieces have all worked in retirement homes, providing him with “30 years of their anecdotes to draw on”, Gervais said: “In Britain and America we don’t really take care of our old people.

“We have the attitude of out of sight, out of mind. People used to live with their grandparents but now it’s, ‘Put them in a home; we want our own life.”‘

Yes! It is a very real problem. The world is in desperate need of love and family. But the prescription the avowed atheist promulgates is a suicide pill.

Rather than pay attention to our old folks, let’s just let ’em die. It’s so typical of what a loveless atheist philosophy brings. There’s a lack of love in the world, therefore someone must die. It brings to mind the thinking about unwanted babies. The fact that they’re unwanted isn’t a cause for a change of heart. It means death to the unwanted. Think about it, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with a body count. Don’t worry about the problem of poverty, just take out the poor people. Problem solved. Old people are lonely? There’s a pill. Unwanted baby? A pill for that too.

To the atheist, humanity is the problem.