Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning. The damage she’s done will outlive her tenure at the White House.

Much of the media attention is focused on whether she was forced out for the website failures. I couldn’t care less about that. That’s just blogger gossip.

Sebelius radical commitment to abortion and her absolute neglect conscientious objections have worsened this country. She was particularly corrupt member of the administration. But you want to know the really scary part? Her staying, her leaving doesn’t actually matter.

Her pushing the HHS Mandate on religious institutions has been a unique and dark effort in our country’s history. But in the end there’s nothing unique about her. Her replacement, I’d imagine, will do or say little different from her. That’s the true horror. Kathleen Sebelius is not uniquely awful. For a short while she was a banner holder for the culture of death. Without her, it marches on.

And marches.

*subhead*March on.*subhead*