Come on. This is ridiculous. In the past, Jesus’ image has turned up on all sorts of food products but now I guess He’s gotten a bit bored because he’s now putting the image of golfers on danishes.

Golfers? On danishes? It doesn’t even make sense. Rory McllRoy on a Danish.

And it’s a little too spot on. The Danish if you ask me looks waaaay too much like Rory. You’ve got to make the viewer work a little harder. And there’s no symbolism behind it.

Now, you put John Kruk or Tony Siragusa on a bacon cheeseburger or Lindsey Lohan on a twice baked potato now you’ve got something. No offense, this is just amateur work:

Wait. But if Rory wins the Masters then that would be kinda’ cool. But only if he wins. Runnerups shouldn’t get their faces on danishes.

To be clear, I’m not complaining. Just offering a little advice to the Almighty. That’s all.