More than two dozen Italian women, who are claiming to be having affairs with priests, are writing a public letter to Pope Francis requesting that he put an end to the vow of celibacy and allow for marriage.

Firstly, someone should talk to these women about free milk and a cow. They seemed to have missed that memo.

They say there are many more women as well. Who knows. Let’s take them at their word though.

“We love these men, they love us, and in most cases, despite all efforts to renounce it, one cannot manage to give up such a solid and beautiful bond,” they wrote.

Obviously, the Church could change this practice but by pointing out that some priest may be failing to live up to their vows isn’t really indicative of anything. The presumption here would be that priests who can marry wouldn’t cheat. I don’t see why anyone would think that.

I always wonder about the thinking that says if you point out a failing often enough you erase the existence of a failing. No, all you’ve done is erase the shock of it for many. It’s still a failing, just a common one. Which actually makes it more dangerous, not less.

Anyway, this whole argument kinda’ turns the old trope on its head. The joke is that once women get married they try to institute a vow of celibacy.