This has got to be the weirdest public conversation ever. Pat Sajak, yeah the game show host, said that those who push the idea of man made global warming are unpatriotic and racist. I’m not sure I get that but what do I care. It’s Pat Sajak. He can say all sorts of things before I would care.

But Fr. Edwards Beck has responded on CNN. And instead of just dismissing what Sajak said, he doubles down big time by employing the oft-employed “I know you are but what am I” defense.

The Raw Story has Fr. Beck’s words and they’re even more mind boggling. He essentially responds that it’s racist to deny climate change. And it makes you a sinner too.

The church has indicated that this is a moral issue,” Beck explained to CNN’s Carol Costello on Wednesday. “We’re stewards of creation, we need to care for it. This is God’s gift to us. And if you abuse it, then you are really maligning that gift.”

The reverend pointed out that Sajak had not thought the comparison to racism all of the way through.

“What’s interesting to me is — the racist, unpatriotic — is how you link the two,” Beck said. “I think the argument could be made that it is more racist to deny climate change because those being effected by it are the poor. The global poor are effected most by climate change, not the rich, who can afford air conditioning, and who can get around all the deleterious effects of climate change.”

Al Sharpton could not be reached for comment but it is believed that he believes both of them are racists. Just guessin’ though.

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