Atheists have lost again. No, they weren’t kicked out of their mom’s boyfriend’s basement. They lost their lawsuit which attempted to have the “In God We Trust” motto on the nation’s currency removed. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York ruled against the atheists. The court ruled that the saying isn’t an endorsement of religion so much as a “reference to the country’s religious heritage.” You know, kinda’ like how Georgetown sees “AMDG.”

They’ve lost this many many times. They’re kinda’ like the New York Mets of religion. But they’re going to keep going until they find some wacky judge to back them up that it violates the Constitution.

I love how in all the news reports I see about this story, the atheists are calling themselves humanists like the way models calls themselves actresses. They’re clearly not. Humanists today often propose the most inhumane ideas such as abortion, euthanasia, animal equality, and watching the Bill Maher show.

The 2nd Circuit also seemed to criticize the atheists’ objection to money that forces them “to bear on their persons … a statement that attributes to them personally a perceived falsehood that is the antithesis of the central tenant of their religious system.” I’ve got a suggestion, just have them use their debit cards instead of dollars.

Ironically, I’m sure the atheist organizations will use this defeat as a fundraiser to raise money. You know, those little green rectangles that say, “In God we Trust” on them.