Long time environmental activist Paul Ehrlich is now predicting that overpopulation could lead to cannibalism. Wait, forget “could lead” to cannibalism. He’s saying we ARE heading there.

The Stanford professor outright predicted that overpopulation could lead to humanity having to eat the bodies of the dead.

The Daily Mail reported:

Paul Ehrlich, best known for his prediction of human ‘oblivion’ 46 years ago, says that current population trends are on a course that could leave cannibalism as one of the only options.

Ehrlich claimed that scarcity of resources will get so bad that humans will need to drastically change our eating habits and agriculture – and even consider eating the dead.

‘We will soon be asking is it perfectly okay to eat the bodies of your dead because we’re all so hungry?,’ he told HuffPost live host Josh Zepps.

He added that humanity is ‘moving in that direction with a ridiculous speed.

Sadly, Ehrlich is not the first to predict imminent cannibalism. CNN mogul Ted Turner predicted it years ago.

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