Cristina Traina, a professor of religion at Northwestern University, is a Catholic who identifies as a lesbian, remains married to her husband who is a Lutheran minister, who has raised three children who are Methodists.

When asked by the Chicago Sun Times why she remains a Catholic, she said:

That is what my kids wonder as well. “Mom, why are you Catholic?” Right? This is the question.

After a certain point, you look around, and you say, “Well, they don’t really need an ethicist who thinks it’s OK to be gay in the Episcopalian Church. Well they might in Nigeria, but they don’t in the United States. So I hang out here, for that reason.

She’s staying Catholic in order to change the Catholic Church.

In the interview she said, “it is pretty likely that very soon Roman Catholics will be able to accept and deal with the idea of same sex marriage, because same sex marriage, is after all, being proposed as a civil function, not a religious one. It’s going to take Roman Catholics a very long time to get to the point of accepting same sex marriage as a sacrament.”

I’m always amazed when people join the Church, not to improve themselves but to “improve” the Church.