These last weeks I have been terrorized by a groundhog. It ate every last one of my green bean plants in the garden, all 25 of them. It has repeatedly decimated my cucumber plants.

All my efforts to keep the groundhog out of my garden have proven unsuccessful. No matter how I secure the fence, it somehow finds its way back in.

Yesterday, 3 times I had to chase it out of the garden. It has just about destroyed all my cucumber plants.

I told my wife, “If I see it in there again, I will have to use lethal force.”

So I went off to shower for mass, only to have my wife banging on the bathroom door a few minutes later. “The groundhog is back!!!”

And there it was again.

So I had to introduce the groundhog to my little friend.

Goodbye groundhog.

*subhead*Buh bye.*subhead*