My sister-in-law went to a Doobie Brothers concert yesterday with a group of friends. In preparation, she once again listened to all their hits. They even tailgated in the parking lot with sandwiches and sodas. Rebels, right?

She went in to the concert and the Doobie Brothers had decided to play “their new stuff.”


Dude, if you’re the Doobie Brothers, who have a list of hits decades long, you play the hits. The new stuff is likely not to resonate like the old stuff.

I couldn’t help but think of this when I read that the Anglicans are now ordaining women bishops and a Baptist church ordained a transgender woman.

And to me, all I’m thinking is it’s like the Doobies trotting out the new stuff, rather than playing the hits. In their struggle to remain relevant they’re making themselves not only irrelevant but boring.

Yes, there is something incredibly boring with churches that take their marching order from the whims of the New York Times editorial board. Stop trying to be the first. Do what’s timeless.

Ironically, the Doobie Brothers’ new cd is called “World Gone Crazy.”