My nine year old son is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nut. If he doesn’t have a basketball in his hand, then he has a styrofoam ninja sword.

And now he’s seen a number of commercials for the upcoming TMNT movie and he couldn’t be more excited though he is attempting to temper himself because I’ve told him it’s rated PG-13 and I’m not sure he can see it. But as you might suspect nine year old boys don’t temper their expectations well.

So every time he sees the commerical he practically bounces with excitement.

I just have to ask why on Earth would you make a TMNT movie that deserves a PG-13 rating? Kids love turtles. And I’d venture to say that most of the adults who will see this who aren’t dragged by children will be on a nostalgic trip to their own childhood.

I’ve noticed this in even cartoons, the moviemakers put adult jokes in. I honestly don’t understand why.

Look, the world is not Disneyworld. Kids will be exposed to things. But shouldn’t there be something for kids? Just for kids? It’s like our entire culture has declared war on childhood.

I guess that if the movie got the rating just from the violence that would be understandable as it’s about mutant ninjas but I’m betting there’s other reasons for the rating as well.

Meanwhile, my boy asks me everyday if I’ve read a review. And he’s got a Styrofoam sword and he just might be willing to use it.

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