We need to love our heretical brothers and sisters, we are one big happy family after all! Who are the people who don’t get our filial appreciation?

Here is a story from the SSPX website about a new Church the order purchased in Pittsburgh. They had tried and tried to purchase and old Church from the Diocese, but were constantly rebuffed.
Well, the rest speaks for itself.

By fall of 2013, as the diocese was laying off employees due to a $2.3M deficit in their budget, the price of St. Michael’s had dropped down to $150,000 despite the readiness of our checkbook. At that time a local reporter contacted the diocese about the sale of St. Michael’s and asked why the diocese had previously sold churches to the Lutherans and Baptists while they would not sell to the SSPX. The response that was posted in the newspaper was, “those groups [Lutherans and Baptists] are not schismatic in the eyes of the Church.” What a losing battle this was! There was no use trying to reason with the diocese. It became clear that they might sell this church for Protestant “worship” or to a developer for making apartments, but not to a group that would use it according the purpose for which it was built—the Mass of All Time and the perennial teaching and sacraments of the Church.

Last time I checked, I don’t think that the Lutherans or the Baptists would agree with a lot of what is in Vatican II. Actually, the SSPX would agree with almost everything in it, while the others, not so much.