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You have no doubt seen a video of a friend on Facebook being doused with buckets of ice water. What would possess a human being to do something so chilling?

It is the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often called Lou Gehrig’s Disease. ALS is a devastating, progressive neurodegenerative disease that is fatal and has no cure.

Here is how the works Ice Bucket Challenge works: people video themselves getting doused with ice water then share that video on social media. They challenge others to do the same in the next 24 hours. If anyone rejects the challenge they are encouraged to give $100 to an ALS charity.

Bringing money and awareness to ALS is a noble goal indeed. The Ice Bucket Challenge seems like a silly stunt, but it is working. It has gone viral, and money is pouring in to ALS charities. Celebrities, politicians and everyday people are getting cold and wet to help those with this devastating disease

The ALS Association, the “preeminent ALS organization” reports that they have taken in over $4 million this year; four times what was donated last year.

But not all ALS charities are the same. Some support clinical trials with stem cells that originated from an electively aborted fetus.

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