[Catholic Herald] While visiting the Vatican earlier today, Mr Peres asked Pope Francis to head a parallel United Nations called the “United Religions” to counter religious extremism in the world today.

Peres said the United Nations and its peacekeepers “do not have the force or the effectiveness of any one of the Pope’s homilies, which can draw half a million people just in St Peter’s Square alone.”

“So given that the United Nations has run its course, what we need is an organisation of United Religions,” Mr Peres said, as “the best way to counteract these terrorists who kill in the name of their faith.”

“What we need is an unquestionable moral authority who says out loud, ‘No. God doesn’t want this and doesn’t allow it,’” he added

One world religious group in which “our common values” which has force. What could go wrong?

So two possibilities.

One. The group is totally useless and can’t effect anything because, unlike the Catholic Church, most religions do not have a single authority. They plant trees and issue statements while the heads continue to roll.

Two. (And Much worse) This group is able to effect change based on common values, which if it includes all those other religions, means values other than God’s. A one world religious group bases on man’s values. No, that isn’t scary at all.

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