Oh right, that’s what everyone knew. Except Bart Stupak. Or maybe he just pretended not to know it.

The interesting thing to me is how this effects the debate around the HHS Mandate.

The SBA List sums up the GAO’s findings well:

The non-partisan government watchdog, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), has released a new report that identifies 1,036 ObamaCare plans that cover abortion on demand and receive taxpayer subsidies. The GAO report also found that nearly all of the insurance issuers sampled are not itemizing the required separate abortion surcharge on its bills – confirming that the Obama Administration is ignoring the law’s abortion accounting gimmick. The report further found that disclosure of abortion coverage in plans is inconsistent, confirming criticisms from both sides of the abortion debate that transparency of coverage is lacking. The report directly contradicts President Obama’s 2009 promise that “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions” and his claim of being “the most transparent administration in history.”

“Today’s report is confirmation that ObamaCare is a massive expansion of abortion on demand, paid for by the taxpayers,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “ObamaCare breaks from the long tradition of the Hyde Amendment, which has prevented taxpayer funding of abortion with broad public support, and was not included in the law.”

“Shame on Senators like Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, and Kay Hagan – all of whom come from strong pro-life states and voted for taxpayer funding of abortion in ObamaCare,” continued Dannenfelser. “The GAO report is damning evidence that they betrayed their constituents in casting a vote for the largest expansion of taxpayer funding of abortion on demand since Roe. The No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act gives these Senators a prime opportunity to right a grave wrong, but they continue to stand with Harry Reid and the abortion lobby instead of their constituents by blocking a vote on it.”

The GAO report further confirms the argument made by the Susan B. Anthony List that a vote for ObamaCare was a vote in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion. Last week, SBA List won a four year legal battle in Ohio, where the group fought for the right to criticize elected officials who voted for ObamaCare as having voted for taxpayer-funded abortion.

Let’s please remember that Obama could have had Obamacare passed a year earlier if he had agreed to not fund abortion. But no, he pushed on. He held out. Because the bedrock core article of faith of the Democrat party is the right to kill children he wouldn’t budge. So it should hardly be a surprise that Obamacare subsidizes abortion. I mean, we wouldn’t want people punished with a baby, right?

I wonder if this will have any effect on the pending lawsuits concerning the HHS Mandate which is premised on the fact that insurance companies will carve out the cost of abortion and contraception when pricing their plans to certain religious institutions. But that is clearly not happening. So the administration will continue to argue that the link between the religious institution and the paying for abortion and contraception is tenuous, the truth is otherwise. I’m sure lawyers will point out that while the government says that, the truth, according to the GAO, is that the costs are not cut out at all.

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