There are many things one could say about or focus upon in Cardinal Dolan’s blog post ostensibly explaining his decision to be Grand Marshal of the gay identity promoting St. Patrick’s day parade.

One could focus on the first paragraph in which he compares this crucial topic, that of defending Catholic doctrine in a world increasingly virulently hostile to it, to a meaningless discussion about which baseball player was better. This is all so much discussion about how many angels can dance on the end of a pin, don’tcha know?

Or one could focus how the Cardinal completely and disingenuously avoids any real discussion on the topic at hand by suggesting that acceptance of “Gay Identity” (read finding one’s identity in sin) and promoting that identity is somehow not promoting sin even though everyone knows that is exactly what it does.

Or one could focus on the fact that a Cardinal Archbishop of New York cannot even say the word “creed” without apologizing for it..

One could focus on any one of those things. But I would like to focus on something else.

Here is the crux of the Cardinal’s statement.

“I found their sensitivity wise, and publicly said so. If, in doing so, I have shown an insensitivity to you, I apologize.”

If my sensitivity was insensitive to you, I apologize.

There are many things that could be said about that line. There are many things probably better left unsaid. But the thing I will say is this. Men, real men, do not speak like this.