A professor at Villanova University in a lecture that is ostensibly about the use of Native American sports mascots mocks the Catholic Church by swinging around a cross, tossing about pretend communion wafers, making jokes about a pregnant nun. And this is all in the first few minutes.

I know this is from a few years ago but I’m pretty sure not much has changed. And the issue is pretty timely, I think you’ll admit. In the lecture, he’s making a point about sensitivity but to make that point he doesn’t seem to mind being offensive to Catholics.

The thing is, there are actually many teams that are derived from Christian origins. I guess he’s never heard of the San Diego Padres, the Lose Angeles Angels, or the New Orleans Saints. Never mind the New Jersey Devils.

Just watch the first seven minutes:

Here’s the thing, if that’s the only way he can make his point he’s not a very good teacher.