Senator Rand Paul is likely going to run for president so this dustup will likely have ramifications. Possibly big ones.

While campaigning Paul was asked whether Plan B should be legal. It’s one of those questions, those on the right are used to being asked while no candidates on the left are ever asked whether they support partial birth abortion. No, only one side gets asked questions.

But Paul’s response is worthy of a few raised eyebrows, especially from a politician who calls himself pro-life.

He reportedly said:

“I am not opposed to birth control… Plan B is taking two birth-control pills in the morning and two in the evening, and I am not opposed to that.” Paul later reiterated that position to reporters, stating: “Plan B is taking birth control… I am not against birth control, and I don’t know many Republicans who would be indicating that they are against birth control.”

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, tweeted out shortly after:

A staffer of Paul’s said the senator “won’t be given medical advice by Mr. Perkins or anyone else in Washington.”

Look, we all understand that no Republican politician wants to be out there saying he or she would outlaw any form of something that is commonly believed to be birth control and not an abortifacient. I get that. You don’t want to have to attempt to educate the public on this issue. In fact, most Republicans don’t want to talk at all about this issue. Ever.

But for Rand Paul, a doctor, to play politics on this is alarming to those who believe life is sacred. I don’t believe this is the last you’ve heard about this issue. The media will just love the dissent among Republicans and those who truly care about life won’t let him forget it either.