The Catholic University of America recently cancelled an on-campus movie that was to show “Milk” the one about the gay politician Harvey Milk which was one of those “important” movies that nobody actually saw. CUA shut it down because the campus Democrats, who were showing the movie, had veered from education into advocacy with the whole rainbow flag thing and labeling it “LGBT Awareness.”

It’s a fine line, of course, and they had to make the call. I applaud them on their willingness to make that decision.

One alumnus reportedly said that “CUA is morphing from a university into the propaganda arm of the Vatican.” He meant that as a bad thing just so you know. He added that “The administration has time and again silenced the voice of her students because they dare to ask questions or start conversations that don’t neatly and tidily follow the teachings of the church.”

Another said it sent “an unwelcoming message to LGBT students” that could threaten the emotion and psychological well being of some people’s lives.

Hmmm. I’m betting the movie is just not all that.

Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom…

Georgetown University’s administration has granted their imprimatur to the IgnatianQ LGBTQ Catholic conference, hosted by GUPride, in March 2015. Because you know exactly what Jesuit schools needed and that’s more conferences on homosexuality.

The conference will include delegations from Jesuit and Catholic schools throughout the country so that they can all drag each other further and further away from Catholic teaching. (My description, not theirs.) But everything you read about it discusses how the campus or the Church can change, not the individual.

So many people today see the Church as something that requires conversion to the world’s morals, while it’s the Church that calls us to change.

I think that’s the whole thing that CUA was talking about with crossing the line between education and advocacy.

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