Nickels and Quarters. Not exactly bane of my existence. But definitely bane of my Monday.

Every worksheet I have did not employ an artist who could differentiate between a nickel and a quarter. My 7 year old daughter’s bringing it to me and to me they look pretty darn similar to me. So now I’ve taken to just leaving the worksheets aside and taking out actual nickels and quarters to understand money.

And as I did this, I thought, isn’t this why I homeschool. I’m pulling my hair out over paper coins while I have every tool I need to teach this at home sitting in our change bucket. You see, this is the change. I’m not thinking like a homeschool Dad yet. Not everything needs to be a worksheet. Teaching and learning should be part of our lives.

I’m getting it but it’s taking a while. The kids are adapting great to homeschooling. Me? It’s taking longer. But I’ll get there. So, in short, my biggest homeschooling problem right now isn’t nickels and quarters. It’s me.