Of all the “Catholic” colleges and universities in the U.S., DePaul may be the least Catholic. Kinda’ sad when you consider they’re the largest Catholic university in the country. But Georgetown and some others are doing everything they can to earn that moniker as well.

The College Fix:

DePaul University in Chicago, the country’s largest Catholic school, is launching a new mentorship program for LGBT students called “Queer Peers.”

The program “connects current DePaul students with newly enrolled or newly out students,” meaning those who publicly identify as homosexual, according to the LGBTQA Student Services page. “The mentor relationship will last the duration of the 2014-15 academic year and will take the form of monthly meetings, peer support, and community engagement.”

The website provides little information on what that support, engagement, and meetings might actually entail.

No mention of Catholic teaching on sexuality there either.