All those in favor of legalizing marijuana say it doesn’t affect them negatively. No damage to the intelligence at all. Well, once again, reality has cleared its throat and demanded to be acknowledged.

Fox News reports:

In yet another story that involves a potent mixture of mobile technology and general stupidity, Georgia resident Alvin Cross, Jr. most definitely texted the wrong person when recently seeking a little marijuana. Specifically, Cross sent a text message to his probation officer which read “You have some weed?”

Upon receiving the text message, the probation officer notified local police and a search warrant was issued for Cross’s residence. Upon the execution of the search warrant, Albany police discovered a bag of cocaine in the possession of Cross according to local ABC affiliate WALB. Obviously, Cross was arrested shortly after and sent back to prison. He received one additional year in prison for violating the terms of his probation as well as another year for the drug possession.