Former Secretary of State (and future presidential candidate) Hillary Rodham Clinton will be speaking at Georgetown University tomorrow.

The pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage politician is just the latest in a long line of scandalous speakers at the Jesuit university.

Clinton, according to the university’s website, will speak on “The Power of Women’s Economic Participation” Thursday at an event sponsored by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS). It’s not difficult to see how discussions of the importance of contraception and abortion could arise, especially since those two issues are often argued about in economic terms.

Georgetown’s own Melanne Verveer, Clinton’s former chief-of-staff, who described as “an abortion advocate” will moderate a panel discussion on the same theme following Clinton’s remarks.

Panelists include Cherie Blair, who has publicly opposed Church teaching on contraception and gay marriage.

So I’m sure they’ll really challenge Clinton’s thinking with all sorts of dialog-y stuff.