A message published in a Louisiana newspaper from Senator Mary Landrieu reeks of desperation. This senator who has voted 100 percent in line with Big Abortion for years is now attempting to use her faith and the fact that she’s adopted children as proof that she’s pro-life.

As many of you know, Louisianans are pretty pro-life and she’s been looking at her poll numbers which don’t look very good.

So here’s what she writes:

In the closing days of this campaign, I want to clearly express where I stand on the issues of life and reproductive health. As a Catholic raised in a large and loving family, centered on faith in God, weekly Mass, and community service, I know how sensitive and divisive this issue has been for our country.

Initiating a pregnancy, sustaining it, and supporting life to term is al intimate, personal, and private family matter. Because of this, millions of people believe that government should have a role at all in the decision making process. I take exception to this view and have supported some important limitations. I joined over 50 members of the Senate to ban late term abortion in 1998,..which passed Congress, and then I voted to override the veto by then Democratic President Bill Clinton.

In addition, I have voted for reasonable mandatory waiting periods and parental notification for minors. Equally important, I’ve done everything I could in the Senate and throughout my career to support women and children throughout their entire lives. I am a strong, passionate, and long-standing leader for the cause of adoption and traveled throughout the country; and the world promoting adoption for children in need of families, especially children with special needs. My husband is an adoptee, and I’ve have had the great joy of adopting two children- one of whom has just blessed us with our first grandchild.

I hope to return to the Senate to continue this important work of support for all of our children and their families and would respectfully ask you for your vote and support.

“Mary Landrieu’s advertising obfuscated her 100% pro-abortion voting record since 2009,” said National Right to Life Victory Fund Louisiana Campaign Director Benjamin Clapper in a statement. “Hiding behind her Catholic faith, Sen. Landrieu conveniently omits any reference to 16 consecutive votes she has cast against pro-life interests since she was re-elected in 2008.

This is so desperate in that polling indicates any of the three candidates will fail to reach 50 percent because there’s a Republican and a Tea Party candidate splitting the conservative votes. So there will likely be a runoff in December. Expect a lot of national attention on that one.

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