“Cause this won’t confuse people as to what the Church teaches.

The UK Tablet reports that a priest in Switzerland has held a ceremony that very closely resembled a marriage ceremony for a lesbian couple. But don’t worry he consulted a Jesuit.

When the couple from his parish approached him with the request to bless their partnership, Fr Wendelin Bucheli, parish priest of Bürglen in the Swiss diocese of Chur, first consulted all the members of his parish council at length, but also sought the advice of a Jesuit colleague, he told the Urner Wochenblatt.

The question he had asked himself and those he consulted was, “Can I perform this blessing in the name of God and is it God’s will?” The conclusion he had come to was, “As animals, cars and even weapons are blessed nowadays, why should it not be possible to bless a couple who want to go their way with God?” “As for the form [of the service], this blessing was not very different from a church marriage [ceremony],” he added.

That’s just silly talk. Rubbish. The question which he answered was whether priests bless things. Sure they do. Therefore it’s ok to hold a public ceremony blessing a lesbian couple? What?! I’m not sure I’m following the logic there.

So if a priest blesses one thing, he can put his blessing to anything and everything, including those things the Church teaches against? How about a premarital sex blessing? Yeah, right when things are getting hot and heavy just give the priest a call and explain how things are getting a little carried away with your lady friend and you’d feel a lot better if he could bless the mess you’re about to make of the bed or the back seat of the car. And the priest could even ask, “Do you take this woman for the next twenty minutes or so until you discard her because you’re sobering up?

I do.

What a beautiful event, right? Maybe there could even be a videographer. Heck, just make it a cellphone video. We don’t want this whole thing getting expensive.