A pastor from Memphis (who is considering running for mayor) is filing suit to have pro-life votes legally discarded for an insane reason.

Here’s the thing. A majority of voters in Tennessee voted “Yes” to allow the state assembly to decide on abortion restrictions. The pro-lifers won by 1,385,178 votes to 1,352,608. But the state Constitution literally says that voters “approve and ratify such amendment or amendments by a majority of all the citizens of the state voting for governor, voting in their favor.”

Now, to any sane person that means that amendments can be voted on by the people in gubernatorial election years. But, you know that liberals are such letter-of-the-law types. That should be the headline: “Liberal becomes strict constructionist.”

32,570 more people voted on the amendment than voted in the gubernatorial election so the lawsuit is saying that if you take the state constitution literally it could mean (if you look at it the right way -which means from the left) that only those voters who also voted for governor should have their votes counted.

I know, right?

Nobody in the history of the state has pretended to think the constitution meant that but that doesn’t matter. This guy is running for mayor and his first big act is to strike over 30,000 votes? But it’s all for the greatest of causes, I guess. It’s in service of abortionists. So that makes it ok.

This is just a tactic to delay until they can find a judge to toss out the will of the people anyway.

I wonder if we could get this “reverend” to read the U.S. Constitution which grants a right to life. Fat chance that though. The guy is a reverend and he’s pro-choice so he doesn’t read the Bible, never mind the Constitution.