The war on women continues. Because the “right” to kill babies in the name of women’s health is more important than actual women’s health.

NRTL News:

Voluntary guidelines for post-abortion mental health evaluations during the month following an abortion have failed to significantly decrease the rate of suicide after abortion in Finland, according to a new study.

Finland adopted the guidelines after a large-scale study of women’s health records, published in 1997, found that the suicide rate among women who had undergone abortions in the prior year was three times higher compared to women in the general population and six times higher compared to women who gave birth.

Mika Gissler of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, who was the lead author of the 1997 study, led a team of researchers who examined health records to see if the suicide rate went down after the new guidelines were published.

They found that the decrease in the suicide rate was not statistically significant.

“Women with a recent induced abortion still have a two-fold suicide risk,” they wrote. “A mandatory check-up may decrease this risk.”

This is currently being ignored by those people who claim that pro-lifers are anti-science and anti-women.

My favorite part of it all is that even when they don’t admit that women are at higher risk of suicide after having an abortion they say it’s Christians’ fault for making women feel bad about their abortions which leads them to the suicide that they’re not actually at risk of.