So it snowed here in Pennsylvania and it turned to ice pretty quick. I was very busy with work during the day so my three little ones volunteered to shovel the driveway. When they came in they told me they’d also shoveled the driveway of our neighbor, who are a bit older now. They said the neighbor had come out and offered to pay them but they refused.

Cue the pride in my wonderful children, right? But when I went out I noticed that my neighbor’s driveway seemed a lot more devoid of snow than mine. A lot more. They did a wonderful job on my neighbor’s driveway and a…not as great job on mine. So I pulled my shovel out and shoveled my driveway as the kids warmed up and waved to me in the window.

I felt a surge of pride but I’ll admit a hint of resentment in my darling children. When I came in they were drinking hot chocolate which their older sister had made them as a reward for shoveling the neighbor’s driveway. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough for me.

I can’t wait until I get old. Then maybe my kids will shovel my driveway and give me hot chocolate. Maybe.

*subhead*Let it snow.*subhead*