My father was a tough guy. A war veteran right out of the John Wayne/Ted Williams mold. A man who never complained about pain and worked hard every day.

And I grew up watching the toughest man I ever met pray. Often. To me, it was what real men did. He wore a scapular, attended daily Mass, and prayed the rosary for the souls in purgatory almost incessantly. And there’s something about seeing the strongest person you know get down on his knees that helps to shape a child learn what being a man is about.

I tell you this because I just read an interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke who made headlines discussing the issue that many men no longer feel at home in the Church. I know that saying Cardinal Burke made headlines is like saying the sun came up today. Or dog bites man. Cardinal Raymond Burke makes headlines. That’s what he does. Why? Because he says what he believes and doesn’t qualify, back off, or soften his points. I personally love him for that.

Unfortunately, many don’t.

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