Kids are very happy on snow days. But couple of funny things about them.

One. I’m shoveling the driveway at 8 a.m. this morning. It’s still snowing mind you but I’m a little crazy. I’d rather shovel light covering three times than lifting thirty pounds of snow with each shovelful. So as I’m doing it my seven year old opens the front door and yells out “Hey Dad, what’s for breakfast?”

My neighbor actually laughed out loud.

And the other thing is that when my older kids come down and I call them bums for sleeping so long they all have a story about how they’ve been awake for a while but just didn’t come down or they woke up earlier, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Why not just admit they slept in on a snow day. There’s no crime to it.

Now, as I’m homeschooling my three youngest, those three are desperately attempting to avoid me because they fear that I may tell them to get their books out any second. They’re playing in the front room and up in their bedrooms but they’re avoiding me. I think I’ll scare them in a little bit and ask them how their Math is coming along.

See, parents can have a little fun on snow days as well.

*subhead*Let it snow.*subhead*