You gotta love Michael Hichborn (Lepanto Institute). He is a guard dog who has chomped on the leg of the enemy and he just won’t let go. He has the (disgusting) goods on Catholic Relief Services.

BALTIMORE, MD, January 27, 2015 ( — Catholic Relief Services helped implement a sex education program for overseas adolescents that promotes masturbation, “gender identity,” contraceptives, condom use, and abortifacients, along with promoting Planned Parenthood, a new report by the Lepanto Institute says.

The U.S. bishops’ official international humanitarian agency partnered with Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) in developing the program, called “My Changing Body: Fertility and Puberty Awareness for Young People.”

The program was used with 10-14 year-old Rwandan children beginning in 2009-2010.

Read the whole thing, but I advise you that it is disgusting and most profoundly unCatholic.

Good job Michael