You know, I probably should have put this as part of a larger post but I’m not thinking in long posts today. Lots of little things.

This thought: You know how when the sexual abuse scandal hit the Catholic Church. All the coverage and discussion about it was that this was a CATHOLIC PROBLEM. Oh wait. I meant CATHOLIC PROBLEM!!!!!!

You might remember, it was said to be due to the Church’s medieval and backward rules about celibacy. Also thrown in was the Church’s views on sex in general. And gay marriage just for good measure. For all these reasons the sexual abuse scandal was definitely a CATHOLIC PROBLEM!!!!!!! despite the abuse happening within the Church was occurring at the same rate outside the Church. Look, the Church is called to do better than the rest of the world. To be better. But the truth showed that the sexual abuse of minors is not simply a CATHOLIC PROBLEM!!!!!!

However, the Muslim terrorists killing Christians and blowing up buses, beheading Christians, and killing Jews, is not seen as a Muslim problem. In fact, those who commit these atrocities are said to be not Muslim at all by our media and political leaders. This, despite them clearly stating that their religion is at the heart of their actions. But, according to our political leaders, this is not a Muslim problem. This is a jobs problem. Or an example of needed dialogue. Or some such bother. But the message is clear -THIS IS NOT A MUSLIM PROBLEM.

The contrast tells us more about those doing the talking than about what they’re talking about.