This is something we’ve known all along – the protection of women is less important to Democrats than the right to kill the unborn. That’s why any time someone suggests that abortion clinics should be regulated and inspected, you have an outcry from Democrats about the “WAR ON WOMEN!!!!!!”

Well, now a bill to protect women from human trafficking is being held up because part of the bill stipulated that federal funds cannot be used for abortions. That’s right, the Democrats are vowing to filibuster a bill to protect women because they want federal funds to pay for abortions.

Remember when filibusters were bad. But I guess that was when the GOP used them. Then, they were destructive and an obstacle to democracy or something.

Mind you, this bill was receiving bipartisan support earlier. That is until, the abortion lobby decided to say “Jump” and the Democrats asked, “how high?”

I’ve often wondered if this is an ideological thing with them or is it just the money they get from Big Abortion. It’s a heckuva’ racket if you think about it. The Democrats funnel federal funds to Big Abortion which, in turn, donates millions to Democrats. So you might understand why they’re all filibustery about this bill. Because it’s hurting them in their own pockets.

The Washington Times.