I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the outpouring of support I have recieved after getting the sack at the Register. It speaks well of all of you. Thanks so much.

But as much as we can all intuit what led me to this end, I am not a victim and you won’t hear me complain (much) about my treatment. The truth is, while nobody likes getting canned, it has no material impact on my life. I see every day what real people deal with, brave and faithful people like Ray McConnell or Rebecca Frech, and my little problem is inconsequential. It simply isn’t worth fussing over and so I won’t.

But since some people are understandably asking me why? I thought I should st least say something. I will not impugn the motives of anyone or bore you with the gory details. Suffice it to say this:

I got to write for the Register for five years and now I don’t anymore. It was never gonna be a lifetime appointment. Any money I receive from writing is essentially inconsequential to my family as I have always had another primary career. I got into writing because I love my faith and the Church. It is that simple. I always just wanted to write what I thought about what was happening in the culture and in the Church and I wanted to say it the way I wanted to say it.

For a while that was understood, accepted, and even appreciated by the Register. For the past 2 years, that has increasingly not been the case. That shouldn’t be a surprise to many. There was no sense in me changing since my reasons and need for writing had not changed. But obviously some things changed, as we all know. I knew what I was doing and I understood well the current mood. I didn’t change because I didn’t want to. But it is their newspaper and they get to choose what they want to pay for and publish. That obviously was no longer my writing.

In a strange way, I am relieved. It feels more honest now. No more me jumping through hoops and worrying about every word or topic choice. And I am sure some folks who had to deal with me during an increasingly tense process are equally glad to be rid of me.

I will continue to write here and elsewhere because I didn’t get into this to write for the Register, as much as I enjoyed most of my time there. I am blessed with more writing opportunities than I deserve or can handle.

Thanks for your continued support.

At this point I just want to get back to beating up on those red-caped commies who are trying to ruin everything in October.

Exit line:

*subhead*These things happen.*subhead*