I guess once you say it’s ok to kill children for the sake of convenience it’s not so far to go for something like this: The Daily Mail reports:

A California judge has reduced a child rapist’s mandatory 25-year sentence down to only 10 – saying anything longer would be ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.

Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly told an Orange County jury that 20-year-old Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto ‘did not intend to harm’ the three-year-old girl he raped at his family home in June.

The judge said that he was sure that although Rojano-Nieto sodomized the girl and covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream out, ‘there was no violence or callous disregard for the victim’s well-being’.

No intent to harm? What?

Sadly, in this country right now, the decision by the owner of a pizza place to be a Christian is more controversial and worthy of boycotts than something like this.

Update: Actually, think about this. Governor Sam Brownback signing a bill outlawing “dismemberment abortions” is deemed controversial but this raises nary an eyebrow.